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Pauline & John Wood, Plymouth.  We split last year and have been trying to arrange our own maintenance payment.  The CSA were terrible telling me one thing and John something else, all they ever did was put me and John at logger heads with each other. Thank you  for all your help we are doing fine now and John seeing the kids every week now.

Robin Wall, Liverpool.    CMoptions  told me just to make a application for child support because I haven’t spoken to my ex for 4 years.  I wanted a Private Agreement so I spoke to Footprint. They spoke to my ex and now we have a Private Agreement.  We are talking again about me seeing my son again. Thank you Footprint.

Cat &Roland Lapping  Kent.    It’s a no brainer to use Footprint and stay away from the Child Maintenance Service, all they are is the CSA under a different name.  We spoke to the CMoptions their advice was make a application via them when we wanted information about not using them.  Footprint sorted us out.

Bridgett Platt,  Leeds.   I was owed over £21,000 in CSA arrears, Footprint spoke to my ex about it. We now have a private agreement for regular maintenance and we are doing a deal on the arrears.  Now we speak a bit to each other and it seems the reason I have arrears is because the CSA never did their job. Thank you Footprint for helping me sort it and now we are sorting my daughter seeing her dad as well.


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