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Child Support Agency Case Closure Letter. Act now or you will lose out.

So you have received notifcation that your existing case is going to close and you are unsure what to do. You need to take immediate legal advice becasue once your case is closed issues like arrears and correcting outstanding errors has gone. As for on going maintenance you have the following choices.

Your choices are:

1. Use Footprint to quickly and cheaply set up your own agreement with the other parent. To do this with no help from anyone else, you both must want to have an agreement and be able to speak to and cooperate with each other. You just need to follow the prompts.

2. Use the Footprint Agreement service where we can help to set up your agreement with the other party. To do this, you will need to have contact details and both must want to have an agreement. We can help by working with both parents and drawing up your agreement. Tell the adviser you want this service when they call you after you have completed your calculation through the website.

3. You can reapply to the CMS. This will cost £20 plus the monthly surcharges on all money collected and paid over.

4. You can do nothing. As a PWC, this means your maintenance through the CMS will stop. As an NRP, your case can still be sent back to the CMS by the PWC and existing arrears remain collectable.

5. You can request a telephone advice appointment with Durham Legal Services here

Footprint Maintenance Calculator

The most useful part of the Footprint Service is the maintenance calculator. It has been designed by people who fully understand child support legislation and the child support appeals process. This means that, if used correctly, the calculated maintenance liability will be the same as if the case been placed in front of a child support Tribunal and all HMRC income used. The Footprint calculator gives a more accurate answer than the Government on-line calculator because you can include all information required straightaway. For instance, the Government on-line calculator doesn't include the impact of pension payments and to get a proper assessment you will have to pay the application fee.

The Footprint calculator also identifies the monthly and annual surcharge cost. This is very important because these fees are payable on top of the child maintenance liability. In times of separation parents can often suddenly find themselves with two households to run so reaching a private agreement and not using the Child Maintenance Service "Collect and Pay" scheme will save both parents money which can be used to support their children instead.

Footprint Agreement

Don't give up on the idea of having your own agreement! We recognise that these first steps can be dificult so we try to make it easier by giving you options on how to proceed. For example, when you use the calculator you'll see what your payment will be. By filling in the other parent's details, including an email address, you can send the information straight to them for yourself. However, if you want, you can get in touch with us and we will make arrangements to send the proposed agreement to the other parent for you. Alternatively, use the messaging system to begin your negotiations. If you still can't reach an agreement but you both want to and just need a little help, we can offer mediation assistance. To see our other services and any charges Footprint Services.


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