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The Government charge you £20.00 to make a child maintenance application, they will then to take 24% off any payments they collect. DLS Law want to arrange a Private Agreement to stop these payments. Child Maintenance should be for children not the Government.

If you only want to check what child maintenance should be paid we recommend you use the DLS Law Calculator App.

You should use the DLS Law Calculator App if you just want to check your calculation. You can ask CMS but they will charge £20 and tell the other parent you have requested the calculation. This App is confidential and is the most advanced online calculator available. You can easily find out how much child maintenance is due every month by entering the annual income of the paying parent. It will show you the reduction for shared care as well as how much your Government charges will be.

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It is important that you get the correct advice about the new Child Maintenance reforms you can get advice at Durham Legal Services UK

The Government now charge you 24% of any payment collected by the CMS. This will soon change to 32%. DLS Law can help you avoid these charges.

Even if you only want the CMS to do a maintenance calculation so you can go away and decide if you are going to use them or make your own family based agreement,  it will still cost you £20.00  It won’t give you the opportunity to work out shared care arrangements but there is also a real danger that the other parent might assume they have to use the CMS as they will also receive a formal copy of the calculation and notification you have made a application, even if that was not your intention.  

The DLS Law calculator allows you both to sit down together and work out your payment without the need to pay the £20.00 and the hundreds of pounds in surcharges that will follow should you use the CMS collect and pay service. But, more importantly, it will show the shared care discounts so you can arrange contact arrangements.

Child Maintenance Service Application fee and Collect and Pay fees

Application Fee    £20.00
Paying Parent will pay an additional 20% of any weekly maintenance payment.
Receiving Parent will lose 4% of any weekly maintenance collected.

Example of CMS Application and surcharges

Based upon a £35.00 per week maintenance payment, the paying parent would pay an extra £364.00 per year and the receiving parent would lose £72.00 per year. This is in addition to the £20.00 application fee.  The simple facts: if you use the CMS Collect and Pay Service, based upon a £35.00 a week maintenance payment your child will lose out on £456.00 per year.

DLS Law Calculator and family-based Agreement Service

If you need us to contact the other parent on your behalf to get your agreement in place, we can do that for a fixed fee of £170.00. We believe this is amazing value because it also includes a legal advice appointment.

Example of DLS Law Application

Based upon a £35.00 per week maintenance payment, your child will  save £386.00 per year. *
* The DLS Law calculator will automatically work out your annual savings so you both can see how much you have saved by reaching your family-based agreement.

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